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In Bikini Bottom or Burst game your objective is to float our hero SpongeBob SquarePants back to the bikini bottom. SpongeBob is using a glove balloon to remain afloat. You have to stay away from the dangerous curvy walls on your way up or down otherwise you will lose points. You have only three gloves to spare, so be careful.

Game Controls

Use your mouse to control SpongeBob's movement while keep popping bubbles by touching them to score points. Also, click the mouse to snip through the falling nets.

HotCaper Review

Bikini Bottom or Burst is a bubble popping game. It is unclear why the developers used Bikini in the title. There seems to be no relationship. Almost all bubble bursting games are very colorful. Not this one. And it is among the easiest ones too. Just move your mouse carefully and your job is done. Nobody would like to play this game more than a few times.

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